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“If you are looking for a professional that goes the extra mile, look no further! Virginia will guide you through the path of YOUR financial freedom. Don’t waste your time, call Virginia NOW! Thank you Ginny!”


“Ginny is TOP NOTCH!! Seriously. Hire her. She is the ideal attorney to handle your bankruptcy case. I made the decision to declare bankruptcy; Ginny took care of the rest. She is compassionate, professional, and highly knowledgeable. ”


“Ginny is extremely helpful and professional. She went above and beyond and I always felt like I was talking to a long time friend. Anyone that is considering going through a bankruptcy should talk to Ginny. Thank you again”

R. M.

“Ginny is an amazing attorney! Very attentive to my needs and questions. This was my first time going through this process and Ginny made it seamless. She explained everything in detail and I really appreciated her patience. I would recommend Ginny to everyone I know.”

J. G.


With more than 16+ years helping consumers get the Fresh Start they deserve through Bankruptcy.



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Getting Started

Getting Started – Read on to learn how Bankruptcy can help you with your Fresh Start.


My name is Virginia E. Fortunato and I’ve been practicing bankruptcy in Hackensack, NJ Bergen County for more than sixteen years.  This area of the law requires creativity in designing individual plans for my clients to achieve the FRESH financial start they deserve.  Whether you can afford to save your home or need guidance giving up a home you can no longer afford, I am there to counsel and assist you through the process.  My clients are good and honest debtors who typically find themselves in my office because of circumstances beyond their control.  Clients often tell me, “This is the last place I ever thought I’d be,” and I am proud to help them achieve a fresh start so they can tell me, “I wished I filed bankruptcy sooner!”

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to pay your debt off through credit consolidation companies only to find it doesn’t work. You end up paying these companies exorbitant fees only to have to file bankruptcy at the end of the day — after spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Never be ashamed of bankruptcy. Did you know many rich and famous people have filed for bankruptcy?  Michael Jackson, Henry Ford, Mike Tyson, Larry King, Walt Disney and yes Donald Trump all filed for bankruptcy. Look at your financial circumstances like a business would. Filing bankruptcy is a business decision at the personal level. You need to wipe-out debt so that you can begin rebuilding your future with a Fresh Start.

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What is a 341a meeting of creditors?

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