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Sometimes an attorney in New Jersey cannot fix a situation by filing a bankruptcy or helping a client apply for a loan modification.

Today I started my day just like any other day. I began reading my emails from my clients and was so delighted that I received the following message:

“I was your client last year, I was trying to get a modification for my house. Towards the end we decided not to send the paperwork to the bank because we thought that I’d get denied. It was then when you advised me that I should write a letter to congress, senate, etc. with the hopes of a positive outcome. That is why I’m writing, I followed your advise, and now I have a permanent loan modification. Thanks to you I was able to save my home. Thanks so much for everything you’ve done. I will forever appreciate it.”

I think what makes a great attorney is his/her ability to be truthful and honest (even though it may sting and may result in bringing in less money to the firm that particular day). The client that emailed me this morning had retained me to file a loan modification and she also considered filing a bankruptcy. Ultimately, it became apparent that the client did not need the bankruptcy; however, she desperately need a loan modification.

I sent the client home and told her to spend the next three months getting her finances in order (of course I was very specific). When she returned it was clear that, although she needed a loan modification, her financials would not fit into the cookie cutter system which most people face when applying for a loan modification. I told her that based on her documents I did not believe she had even a chance at getting the modification that she wanted. She was disappointed of course but appreciated my honesty.

I then advised my client that many people have success at obtaining modification after writing letters to their politicians, which included senators, representatives, president and vice president of the mortgage company and the federal trade commission, just to name a few.

This was not the first time that I gave this advice to a client. This client listened to the advice and had a trial period on a possible loan modification within days of writing her letters. It took her time to write the letters but it paid off! She saved her home!! I am so happy that I was able to help her.

CONSUMERS BEWARE: When you are searching for loan modification companies be careful! There are people, including attorneys, who will take your money to do paperwork which they may or may not submit. At the end of the day you could be out thousands of dollars and still without a modification OR you could put your government and politicians to work for you (after all you are paying them).

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