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Bergen County bankruptcy lawyer, Virginia E. Fortunato has been practicing bankruptcy for over ten years now.  This area of the law requires creativity in designing individual plans and that’s just what she does for her clients to achieve the FRESH financial start they deserve.


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Bergen County bankruptcy lawyer, Virginia Fortunato,
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Read Ginny’s Guide on preparing to file for bankruptcy:

Consider Hiring an Attorney

The bankruptcy laws changed in October 2005. Although you do not need an attorney to file a bankruptcy case, it is strongly recommended. There are many pitfalls which one can fall into making it difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a fresh start. If someone proceeds without an attorney and later decides to retain an attorney it may be more expensive as the attorney may have to correct mistakes or file another case altogether. Using bankruptcy petition preparers are not recommended as they are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advise. If you file the wrong type of bankruptcy, you could potentially lose assets or the right to recover from pending or future lawsuits.

Stop Using Credit Cards

You must stop using credit cards. Credit cards should not be used as an extension of income. Once you realize that you are in over your head and must do something, you must stop using your credit cards. Consider filing bankruptcy because many, if not most, debt consolidation companies and debt settlement companies are useless scams. They are often backed by the credit card companies. Many times people pay these companies more than it would cost to hire an attorney and file a bankruptcy. These companies make promises but do not deliver. Their clients very often end up filing for bankruptcy after their clients are sued by creditors who were “included” in the debt consolidation plans.

Gather Documents

If you decide to file bankruptcy you will need a lot of documentation. Failure to provide certain documents can prevent you from obtaining a fresh start, also known as a discharge. Make a list of all creditors including names, addresses, account numbers, and amounts owed. Gather federal tax returns for the past four years and any and all pay stubs you and your spouse, if any, may have as they are needed to complete part of the bankruptcy petition. If you own property, you will need proof of value of your property and mortgage balance statements.

Credit Counseling and Preparing the Petition

You will be required to complete credit counseling prior to filing for bankruptcy. When completing the petition be sure to answer all questions, listing all your income, expenses, creditors, and assets. By signing the petition you will be swearing that all the information is truthful and accurate. Once the petition is prepared and filed you will be required to complete a debtor education course. Both credit counseling and debtor education courses can be done on the telephone or online.



Bergen County bankruptcy lawyer, Virginia Fortunato Answers Your Questions:


My fiance is currently having some credit issues. If we get married and after our wedding he decides to file for bankruptcy, will the bankruptcy affect my credit and assets? Even though the debt was before we got married.


It would be better for your fianc�� to speak to an attorney now. Although his filing for bankruptcy will not effect your credit score, your income may effect what type of bankruptcy he may be eligible to file for. If he cannot or does not chose to file now he should file as soon after marriage as possible to reduce the impact of your income on his case. Filing bankruptcy prior to or just after getting marriage is quite common. If I can be of assistance please feel free to call me directly.


I am thinking of filing bankruptcy and have heard various things from people who have filed as far as receiving loans, credit cards, etc. MY QUESTION IS: What is the likelihood that I would be approved after the discharge of the bankruptcy?


Usually within the first year of filing your bankruptcy your credit score will go up! You will want to make sure the credit bureaus were notified of the bankruptcy so your credit reports can reflect the debts were discharged. You should dispute any inaccurate information on the reports. You will begin to rebuild your credit upon receiving your discharge. The discharge is what you receive upon completing your case. Just be careful with obtaining new credit cards. Pay attention to the fees and interest rate on the cards. Be sure to use and pay on time. Bottom line is there is life after bankruptcy! 🙂

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